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More political drama, special election to grab monserrate’s senate seat

February 23, 2010

Expelling former Senator Hiram Monserrate from his senate seat in the  Queens 13th district on Tuesday, February 9, is politically  ricocheting into a bigger problem for the New York State Senate.

Yesterday, the  GOP in Queens endorsed former New York City Council Member, Helen Sears to run in the special election for the seat on March 16, causing a potential three-way battle with Hiram Monseratte and Assemblyman Jose  Peralta.

Sears represented the 25th District from 2002 until she lost in the September 2009 Democratic Primary  to Danny Dromm, an openly gay new-comer who Peralta endorsed to oust Sears from her council seat.

NYDaily News columnist Elizabeth Benjamin quoted  Peralta as saying, “its nearly impossible to beat an incumbent in this day and age… (they) have every resource available to them, from money to volunteers.” Peralta in the same article said of Sears, “she was out of touch with her constituents.”  Sears will  vote with the Republicans that  will gridlock the Senate in a 31-31 tie though she plans to run as a Democrat in the November election.

In December 9, article Juan Gonzalez wrote Assembly member Peralta  “landed more than $500,000 in taxpayer money for a nonprofit that never filed tax records, has no employees and has been inactive for more than two years.”  Also, should Peralta prevail in winning the 13th District Senate seat who is replacing him in the Assembly?

Yet, there is the possibility the time is an  opportune one for Peralta having garnered the endorsement last year of the Queens Democratic Party bosses, as well as, the gay community  a well-organized formidable group Monsserate angered when he voted against the same-sex marriage legislation, causing New York State not to be counted among the progressive states in the country that have moved in this direction.

Also, Monserrate angered women groups after the incident December 19, 2008 the judge declared a misdemeanor offense as he recklessly pulled his girlfriend down his apartment stairs while she blotted the blood running down her face allegedly caused from shrapnel from a glass.

Este guiso parece se estaba cocinado antes de que el senado le dio la pata a  Monserrate. Pues seria interesante si Sears sale de esta gallera la triunfante dado las circunstancias especial de la elección aunque hay mas demócratas en el distrito 13 que al final los que pierden son los hispanos que  ahora no tendrán representante  en el senado cuando  se reorganicen después del censo.

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