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Governor David Paterson should he resign?

February 26, 2010

Gov. David Paterson and Commissioner Denise O'Donnell

“But you need to know that this is a governor that does not quit.” Governor David Paterson echoed these words as he made his first campaign stop last weekend in his home town of Hempstead N.Y.

However, many believe in the wake of the recent revelations of the Governor’s possible involvement in obstructing a domestic violence hearing that he should resign immediately pull ing his horses off the campaign trail.

Yet, there is growing sentiment among New Yorkers both upstate and downstate that he should quit more so now as the domestic abuse case unfolds involving his top aide David Young  he suspended yesterday without pay pending an investigation.

Al Sharpton  a supporter called a meeting with black leaders to discuss the recent developments before the Governor’s  planned visit Saturday to garner support from his group.Though Paterson called on  State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo  to investigate, he should recuse himself since he is a gubernatorial hopeful, as well as, NYS Police superintendent Harry Corbitt both involved in internal investigations posing a conflict of interest on both sides.

Last October,  Sherruna Booker shared her Bronx apartment with David Young, a top aide to Governor Paterson,  along with her 14-year-old son, besides the horrific abuse detailed in a NY Times report, Young prevented her from calling for help  to enable her to stop the abusive behavior after he violently ripped off her dress, smashed her into a dresser with mirrors, denying her access to the telephones literally running off with them as  he left the apartment even threatening a friend that saw  the incident. Ms. Booker alleged she tried several times to get help and met road blocks due to his status as top aide to Governor Paterson, getting a telephone call from Governor Paterson allegedly on Super Bowl night the day before she had to report to a hearing in Family Court to finish a permanent order of protection against Young.

The  governor’s behavior  is egregious because domestic violence advocacy has been an important signature of his administration from expanding legislation to holding candle light events with groups in Albany.

The thought of  a high level official such as a Governor allegedly , calling  a victim of domestic violence to offer his help as a way of stymying a court proceeding in tandem with New York State Police officials warrants an immediate investigation from an independent group.

Whether he should run for re-election is passé now the public sentiment expects Governor David Paterson to resign more so now in the wake of his top Commissioner of the state Division of Criminal Justice Services Denise E. O’Donnell resigning yesterday, alleging State Police superintendent Harry J. Corbitt misled her during her inquiry on the case.

The political pallbearers are waiting, the Governor should not keep them waiting any longer. Since it is all speculation at this time, its worth thinking about the next political scenario that Lt. Governor becomes the new Governor and who moves into the spot of Lt. Governor, Assembly Members Sampson or Espada?

Que Dios nos bendiga a todos, porque todo esto es una vergüenza que tenemos elegir otro gobernador en un período de cuatro años cerca de la carrera para gobernador en noviembre.

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