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Latino politicians present at the Harlem restaurant to discuss guv fate.

March 5, 2010

Yesterday a group of African-American leaders  headed by Al Sharpton attended a function at the fame Harlem eatery Sylvia’s to discuss the fate of Governor David Paterson. While last week the leaders supported his continuance , this time there was increasing dissension  in the wake of the scandal, the investigations, resignations and the innuendos though still many believe the beleaguered Governor should not resign. In a NYT report yesterday, Mr. Sharpton told reporters,  “Most of us those in the room tonight strongly felt the governor should continue.” Congressman Jose  Serrano attended the meeting. And Wednesday,  Senator Ruben Diaz and other Latino legislators met with the governor to discuss budgetary  and community issues. Paterson earlier met with former Mayor David N. Dinkins at the  Yale Club mid-town Manhattan who told reporters, “What’s to be served by trying to force him from office now?”

Yet, there is a 1.4 billion dollar  unanticipated deficit the month of March that should be the focus of attention not the scandal ridden Governor whose immediate resignation will allow the law makers to resume the business of the State unobstructed by the barrage of media on his personal problems.

He should go and do it pronto because the citizens of the New York are certainly more important than his fate and the personal scandals surrounding his administration that in the end were his own doings. Adiós gobernador que Dios bendiga a usted ya su familia. ¡Basta!

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