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Monserrate’s questions why Peralta silent on the paterson scandal

March 5, 2010

Gov. David Paterson and Ex-Senator Hiram Monserrate

Former Senator Hiram Monserrate new line of defense is”Peralta’s lack of public comment on whether he supports Gov. David Paterson,” reported in the City Hall news on Tuesday.

In talking with reporters Monserrate said, “I’ve had disagreements with him on policy—the Senate most certainly has at different times—but I believe that he can continue to do the basic job of being governor until the next election, which is a few months away.”

Hm? Whatever happened to accusations Governor Paterson issued about Monserrate when he issued a statement to the press that he got off too easy, a slap in the wrist in his own case of domestic violence earlier that catapulted his ouster from the Senate.

In fact in the NY Daily News article on February 13, the governor , “…unloaded on the Queens Democrat, saying the deposed legislator was lucky he didn’t get slapped with felony charges for pressuring girlfriend Karla Giraldo to change her story about the night her face was sliced with a broken glass.”

While Assembly Peralta responded to Mr. Monserrate rightfully by saying, “The accusations against Governor Paterson are deeply troubling,”  ( and)  “Domestic violence is a serious issue and any attempt to intimidate or manipulate a victim of domestic violence is a grave matter. I am confident that Attorney General Cuomo will investigate this matter fully and quickly so that the voters of the State of New York can know all of the facts.”

Although, the ouster  of Monserrate was wrongful more so in the wake of the governor’s own domestic violence scandal, its disappointing that he is vocal about a governor few are rallying around any longer while using Peralta’s silence as a campaign issue.  Assemblyman Peralta is correct in issuing the statement about the governor and Monserrate’s position is a very troubling one.

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