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Madam Governor

March 6, 2010

She announced a run for the most coveted political office in New York . She has a platform and she is not covert about who she is unlike the other politicians recently who have held or holding this office. What do you think?  Would you support her? Some say its time  to name the office of the New York State governor what it is? Has it really come down to this? With a  $1.4 billion dollar deficit in the month of March, a governor ridden with scandals of all sorts, why are New Yorkers waiting to hear more innuendoes? Lets give the Madam a try at least she is honest and overt about who she is while the others are covert, doing the dirty work behind the scenes at the tax payers expense. she has a plan to fix the NYS budget woes, yes a plan, something the current administration doesn’t seem to have or the one it has again targets the most vulnerable of  the State–children of course, school budgets and social programs while the élite, those at the top of the pyramid continue to reap what they have not sown in eschewing to pay what they owe. What do you think? Should we give the madame a chance?  Madam Governor

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