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Monserrate gay bashing on wrong track

March 9, 2010

José R. Peralta

On March 8, Elzabeth Benjamin and Lisa L. Colangelo journalists  at the   NYDaily News reported ousted former Senator Hiram “has aligned himself with conservative church leaders opposed to gay marriage. He also has aligned himself with President Obama‘s “Yes We Can” slogan and logo – a move that drew a rebuke from Washington.”

A anti-gay flyer  allegedly distributed  and tied to Hiram Monserrate  that accuses Assembly Member Jose Peralta of voting for the same-sex marriage bill three times, support from the Billionaire Gill Foundation and a leading spokesperson for the gay community in NYC as though all the above were criminal activities.

The public though earnestly believes Monserrate wrongfully ousted, this latest development of gay bashing is distracting, self-defeating, and does more to put him behind in the polls on his vindication through the ballot. One poll in the NY Daily News has him far behind Peralta, indicating his alignment with the conservative forces are  more hurtful than helpful.

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