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Latino acting-superintendent of NYS Police retires amid government scandal for authorizing the contacts

March 11, 2010

Pedro J. Perez

A 28-year-veteran of the New York State Police,  Pedro J. Perez retired Tuesday amid the scandal some have called Trooper Gate 2 for authorizing the contacts between the head of Paterson security detail and those handling the case of Sherr-una Booker.

According to a NY Daily News, “the commander, Maj. Charles Day, tried to reach the top official in the State Police, Superintendent Harry J. Corbitt, but was unsuccessful. He then turned to his immediate superior, First Deputy Superintendent Pedro J. Perez. Mr. Perez authorized Major Day to contact the woman,… and Major Day did so on at least three occasions.

The most incriminating  of these contacts happened in  early February when Maj. Day  contacted NYC Police to ask for documents any records on the domestic violence matter involving Mr. Johnson top aide to Governor Paterson. It could have been the weekend of the Super Bowl where various news stories reported  that Governor Paterson had called the victim Booker before her scheduled hearing at Family Court to get the permanent order of protection against David Johnson  top aide to the governor.

Perez hails from Lower Eastside of Manhattan entered the NYS Police in 1981.  In March 2007, he became the first Latino ever full colonel in the ninety-year history of the NYS Police.

Maj. Day allegedly had three contacts with the NYC Police about the domestic violence matter with Paterson’s top aide, David W. Johnson. Contacts in November, December and February. In November Day wanted to know if the Police was arresting Johnson, in December inquired about a NYC Police escort to go with Johnson to Booker’s apartment to get his possessions and the February one about the records trying to retrieve copies of Johnson’s police records.

On October 31, 2009, Johnson  barged into the apartment he shared with Ms. Booker, grabbed her throat, ripped off her clothes, while preventing her  from calling for help. The 6′  7″, Johnson threatened a female friend of Ms. Booker in the Bronx apartment as he left while preventing her from using the telephones to call for help.

Certainly, there has been an abuse of power in this ordeal from its beginning to the present, but the question is: was there an abuse of power? And if so, who is responsible?

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