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Miller-Williams getting down to doing business on her own

March 19, 2010

Barbara Miller-Williams, the Erie County Legislature chairperson gaveled two committees out from dormancy since January on Tuesday, serving as the chairperson of both the Erie County Legislature Finance and Management Committee and the Government Affairs Committee after Maria Whyte, D-Buffalo, and Lynn Marinelli, D-Town of Tonawanda declined the chairperson role. They believed Miller-Williams should have tapped her fellow coalition members compose of six Republicans and three Democrats, Miller-Williams one of the three to chair these committees. After assuming the chair, Miller-Williams permanently furloughed several legislative aides, using Erie County Sheriff’s deputies to escort them out from their offices it was alleged, with new hires from the Mayor Byron W. Brown/G.Steve Pigeon political faction. Pigeon was the former county Democratic Party Chairman today counsel to Senate Majority Leader, Pedro Espada allegedly a mastermind behind the coup that paralyzed State government last June. Fortunately for the taxpayers, Marinelli pushed to start the process by which the County Executive Chris Collins seeks permission to the state for continuing the sales tax rate at 8.75 for another two years commencing on December 1.

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