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New York Attorney General: a woman, latino or african-american??

April 12, 2010

Newest Attorney General Contenders/credit: Photo, Wall St. Journal

Except for the name of Michael J. Garcia, whose obscured ethnic background  nowhere indicates whether he  is Latino , no one has announced from this community for  attorney general office hopeful in New York  though Assemblyman Félix Ortiz has voiced an  interest in seeking the State Comptroller post. And there is a group on Facebook with thirty-nine supporters so far organized around the cause Mr. Ortiz has gone too far in limiting the amount of salt chefs and restaurants use.

And with Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo , expected to announce his candidacy for New York State governor  later this month, a  politically motley group of hopefuls are lining up on both sides of the political parties to run for the office of state attorney general.  On May 2009 the  New York Times ran an article  on the potential candidates, naming six Democrats and three Republicans. Again, three months ago, the Wall Street Journal cited the newest likely hopefuls among them  a woman, Kathleen Rice, District Attorney from Nassau County who has the largest campaign treasure chest. She is working in the field, has the most money, is a female and does not work in Albany qualities that might put her ahead of the pack.

Considering all the corruption in Albany today with some if not many of the representatives both in the Assembly and Senate associated with it, as well as, what’s been happening since the first trooper gate incident,  an attorney general may be more appealing to the electorate that is not serving in these two branches of  government. If it is someone in an elected office or serving as a politician, it should be a seasoned veteran attorney either a woman or highly  respected  person in the legal arena with a politically and morally pristine background of service   that  could be  trusted and respected, bringing integrity to the office.

Since no Latino or African-American ever served in the office, it would be an opportune time for someone from the ranks of these groups to serve as the attorney general of New York State. Yet, when it comes to State-wide political races hardly does a Latino surface as a viable candidate. This scenario has to change though as the community is the fastest growing ethnic group in the State and in the nation, and the last census  demographics showed  the growth to continue into 2010. It may be an opportune time for a Latino independent political party  as the best chance for the group to run for  these higher offices if the present trend continues and it seems it is for this entity to develop a separate voice in the future.

After what happened on a Chicago talk show with host Smiley Travis, discussing a black agenda with  a prominent group of African-Americans present with panelist Jesse Jackson, Julianne Malveaux, Angela Glover Blackwell, Michale Eric Dyson, Ron Walters, and Louis Farrakhan, cheering on a former Alderwoman, Dorothy Tillman derisive  remarks about Latinos, some feel its time to discuss an independent political agenda to garner the higher coveted offices.

Attorney General hopefuls/credit: NYT, 2009

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