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Paladino will he bow out over the latest scandal sending racist pornographic e-mails?

April 13, 2010

Carl Paladino

Did gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino really send those racist, pornographic e-mails, showing naked women, demeaning depictions of blacks, bestiality—“a woman allegedly having sex with a horse and other morally degrading images as reporter Robert J. McCarthy wrote in the Buffalo News today?

Well folks, it looks as though Carl Paladino might  no longer be in the running for governor… or is he still…or out just as quick as he got in to the non-contentious race for Governor of New York State. Many in the political arena thought it was a joke or a nasty nightmare  they just woke up from when he announced he was running earlier this month and jumped  on a motorcade to Albany.

As Paladino schmooze with “tea party” members at a waterfront event today, he did not deny the latest casually attributing it to  liberal Democrats. The problem with the salacious content in the e-mails is that Paladino allegedly  sent them for a long time  though he believes they  sent them  to him first and he just forwarded the lecherous stuff on to his friends over the years.

Marc Odien, Managing Director of recieved the lecherous e-mails last week from a source and check them out with knowledgeable sources who verified that Paladino forwarded them.

Paladino would do better putting the 10 million dollars of his personal wealth he planned on spending on his run for governor in a trust fund for the daughter he  allegedly kept from his family for nearly ten years before he admitted it was his love child recently allegedly informing his wife as well who didn’t know about her either .

Lord please!  This is a man running on a family values agenda who does not have his own moral house in order. For how much longer does he blame it on the liberal media and political  conspirators?

In the  Buffalo News video he gave himself credit for  creating jobs and opportunities for hundreds of people of every ethnicity what he called his extended family. Hmm! it would be interesting to investigate just how many jobs he created in the local area and how many African-Americans, Latinos and gays he employs.

He called the person who put out the information about the e-mails he sent as a “Democrat elitist” who has an agenda. The problem with his response is he does not see anything wrong in forwarding the morally inappropriate e-mails to his friends.

Come on Carl, before you go to “clean up Albany”, “correct a government off-course” and “give the government back to the people” you have to put your own house in order first. It doesn’t seem as though he apologized for his inappropriate behavior either but the e-mails show the darker side of Paladino who has berated just about everyone he doesn’t agree with in government as well as critical of  African-American  politicians.

In a poll recently asking voters   what do they think about Carl Paladino  running for Governor from 1134 surveyed 41%  (470) surprisingly chose that he was what was needed but would not survive a state race  while 29% (325) think he has a shot with 17% (191) rather he run for a local or regional office while 13% (148)said they were not a fan. And he offended 67% of New Yorker’s with remarks comparing the Health Care Bill with the terrorist attacks of 9/11 as reported in the NYDaily News.

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