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Bryon mcintyre unopposed in central district while hispanic candidates on the ballot as budget woes loom

April 23, 2010

While  school officials Wednesday night presented a “worst-case scenario” budget to the Buffalo Board of Education, cutting 700 jobs–200 teachers, 185 teacher’s aides, 15 administrators and 300 bus aides, trying to close a $34 million budget gap and shrinking the payroll to about 10 percent a fierce battle wages in the background as incumbents and candidates fight to stay in one of the most contentious School Board races ever  with already casualties  reported off the ballot.

The Erie County Board of Elections posted the names of the eleven candidates on the ballot for the May 4th School Board Elections. As reported in the Buffalo Puerto Rican Press earlier today,  unopposed is Bryon McIntyre  in the Central District, knocking out both Ruth Kapsiak, the incumbent and Jim Williams, former president of the Substitute Teachers United Union though still rulings from the Commissioner and the courts may change things later.

In the West District both the incumbent School Board President, Ralph Hernandez and candidate Philip Lomax are on the ballots some  earlier expected a write-in contest from both candidates as each fiercely challenged their nominating petitions.

In the North District,  Matthew Ricchiazzi is out as his opponent Jay Mccarthy knocked him off the ballot. Dr. Patricia E. Devis  waged a battle down at the Board of Elections with her team foiling a challenge to her petitions from rival Lawrence Scott on Wednesday.They are both on the ballot for the North District with Jay McCarthy.

Dr. Devis and Mr. Scott are members of the New York State United Teachers Union both seeking endorsements from the BTF, while Dr. Devis asked  if she’ll step down if Scott is the endorsed candidate, something she and her team do not plan to acquiesce to since she is coming from running a successful at-large School Board race last May though she lost to the incumbents and new comer John Licata.

While, incumbent Vivian Evan and Dr. Theresa A. Harris-Tigg  are still on the ballot in the East District,  Lou Petrucci continues unopposed in the Park District. And North Buffalo voters received in the mail today slick glossy campaign literature from North District candidate Lawrence Scott with his slogan “Scott for Schools.”

If the incumbents Ralph Hernandez, West District, Vivian Evans in the East District and candidate Kinzer Pointer in the Ferry District become casualties of the election the chances are slim the  School Board  extends the contract of Superintendent James A. Williams that ends next year in July 2011. And it may be terminated before it ends.

So the political operatives from the Democratic party involved in the race endorsing the candidates in the faction opposed to the Superintendent are oiling their machines in anticipation for  the November elections determining  Federal Offices: U.S. Senators and Congressional Representatives. State Offices: Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller, Justices of the Supreme Court, State Senators,  and Assembly Members.

Also,  other County and Local Races: filling the Ellicott District Council seat  members of the Common Council appointed Dr. Curtis Haynes under a whirlwind of political controversy on January 14, 2010. He filled the seat left vacant when disgraced Council Member Brian Davis resigned.

It’s an all out battle now as candidates duke it out as they enter election day May 4th, the endorsed ones with an early advantage at the polls with endorsements from Democratic elected officials, still something bothersome to the other contenders and the public who expected a non-partisan School Board election. The political playing field is not a level or fair one something that’s troubling  and behooves some analysis for future School Board elections if not the present one.

Any news about up-coming School Board candidates forums in the community or information e-mail   And tomorrow Friday, April 23, 2010 is the last day to register to vote  or register for this election.

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