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School board incumbent goes to court on petition challenges

April 26, 2010

Mary Ruth Kapsiak, Central District incumbent (Photo credit: BPS)

Bryon J. McIntyre, Central District Candidate

Central District candidate, school teacher and fireman, Bryon J. McIntyre  still has to answer to incumbent Mary Ruth Kapsiak in NYS Supreme Court as she questioned whether her petition challenges are all invalid, particularly the issue of  writing in “the residency” many missing in her forms.

Still, there may be no contest here if  the petitions she submitted are in the same format as the one appearing in Artvoice, Thursday, April 22, 2010 the signature of registered voters written by the same person witnessing them, in this case, Carl Thompson, son of Al Thompson an operative of the Grassroots, Inc. political group associated with Mayor Bryon Brown.

Artvoice described the page with the signatures on the petition as “fraudulent.” The names appeared as though taken from a list of registered voters instead of the actual signatures of the people signing the petition.  Also, an address started at 100 Northampton through 177 then to 61, the pattern itself showed it was unlikely the signatures obtained door-to-door the reason she’ll unlikely be on the ballot.

A former school administrator, Mrs. Kapsiak   elected to the Buffalo Board of Education on  May 2007, as the Central District representative, then installed as School Board President on the same day.  She aligned herself with the Board Members supporting Superintendent James A. Williams, giving West District representative and President Ralph Hernandez the vote needed to assume this position last July to the chagrin of the opposing group who wanted Park District representative Lou Petrucci.

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