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Blogging success for the buffalo puerto rican press!

April 28, 2010

Jean Jacques Dessalines

The Buffalo Puerto Rican Press blog started three months ago, up-loading 48 posts with nearly 1000 readers coming to the  WordPress site! That’s just in three months! Obviously, folks looking for an alternative source of information which is what it provides to the diverse internet community  focused  on Puerto Ricans and Latin Americans here in general. The most successful blog news  politics in Albany, scandals, arrests, who’s running for office and corruption.

Interestingly, the Buffalo Board of Education coverage and updates on the candidates and the elections are getting the most attention the month of April, bringing in lots of traffic, especially from my other blogs, and areas on the internet: ,e-mail sources, two other blogs,,,, with 154 Tweets, 40 following and 9 and,, and the

Thank you for following my blogs. Stay tune for a Big blog bash as the weather gets warmer. And special thanks to my internet friend Tomás Custer from—-visit his site, best source for Latino information on the WWW.

Tomás Custer, Webmaster

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