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School board elections in buffalo, may 4,

April 30, 2010

CPE Banner: People's Board of Education, stop privatizing public education

The choice is clear here. Vote for school board candidates concerned enough about  education to at least show up at panel discussions so the public meets them. Unfortunately, there is a push to put pro charter school candidates on the school board.  These candidates don’t show up at  panel discussions as you can see for yourself in this video where North District candidate Jason McCarthy and West District, Philip Lomax were No Shows to the above panel discussion the Forest Civic Association held at the Polish Cadet building, on April 27, 2010.

A group called Education Reform Now Advocacy supported by outside charter school interests and hedge fund type investors want to take over the Buffalo Schools, turned them all into charter schools to enable them to profit from the privatizing of the schools. This means more money siphon from poor inner city school children to benefit the investors. For more information read the Insurgent Teacher Blog.

Forest District Association, School Board candidate night: North and West Districts.

North District: Dr. Patricia E. Devis, Lawrence Scott. West district, Ralph Hernandez

No Shows: Philip Lomax, West District. Jason McCarthy, North District.

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