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Hiram Monserrate back in the ring again…!

May 6, 2010

Hiram Monserrate

With the fall elections under way is former Senator Hiram Monserrate thinking of running again for his old Senate seat or the Assembly?

Is there a place for him still in Albany after his colleagues voted to oust him  in February this year in a move  that caused alarm in the Latino community some viewed it  as politically motivated, depending what island you immigrated from in the Caribbean—Puerto Rico or Santo Domingo? It’s understandable why Senator Eric Schneiderman who headed his expulsion committee declined his former foes invitation to box him in the ring.

The indomitable Monserrate sent out a  message on Facebook announcing he is entering “the boxing ring for chartity.”Monserrate showed off his boxing moves and skills in the ring as the media watched on surrounded by family friends after the press conference, Tuesday afternoon at Mendez Boxing gym one of the training sites in Manhattan. Yep, Monserrate is back as a prize-fighter in the Long Island Fight for Charity.

Since its inception seven years ago the Long Island fight for Charity raised over one half million to help three charities such as the Long Island Community Chest,  the Genesis School and Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. , all serving at risk adults, families and special needs children in the community.

The goal is “to raise funds and awareness for recipient charities and to spread the word of their vital programs and services.” Its been called the most anticipated event in Long Island with over 10 bouts, participating businesses, attracting over 1200 spectators to the Lond Island Hilton in the past boxing events.

The Kick-off Cocktail Party is  on Tuesday, May 25 from 5:30 to 8 PM at the Carlyle on  the Green Bethpage State Park before the boxing event scheduled for November this year.

For more info:

Hiram Monserrate in the ring for charity (photo: NY Magazine)

Senator Eric Schneiderman, running from the boxing ring. Helped his friend get elected to his old foes seat. How nice! Now he wants to be Attorney General, protecting the legal rights of the citizens in the state.

Wanna fight me, Eric? Come on lets do it for the kids.  I’m out, you’re still in. Come on Eric. You want to be  Attorney General now this might help you. You were brave when you led the witch hunt to oust me from the NYS Senate. It helped you with the Dominicans in the Heights but it may not with the Puerto Ricans so Eric lets fight, the people  are waiting….

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