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Francisco Moya endorsed to run for peralta’s assembly seat

May 19, 2010

Democratic leaders in Queens County have endorsed Francisco Moya for the 39th district seat former Assembly Member José Peralta held until he ousted former Senator Hiram Monserrate in a special election in March to become the 2nd Queens Latino to become a senator from this area. Senator Peralta is Dominican and Monserrate Puerto Rican.

However, former Senator Hiram Monserrate in the past said he had both of these positions in his political radar.  So with only six months before the November elections and with Monserrate putting on his boxing gloves to raise money for a charity event things getting politically hot again in Queens County as former foes duke it out with out the benefit of a special election that appeared to have helped Senator Peralta oust former Senator Hiram Monserrate from his old senate seat. Julissa Ferreras, a Council Member of the 21st District in Queens and former Chief of Staff for Monserrate trounced Moya in the special in election February 2009 for his old council seat.

However, Latinos throughout the State question how the community benefits from an assembly seat  vacant  since March in Albany simply to accommodate the political aspirations of one person and the special interest political groups in Queens involved in ousting Monserrate because he failed to support the  same-sex bill and for his misdemeanor conviction in the assault on his girlfriend back in December 2008 that had caused a political uproar in the State and among many Republican and Democratic politicians.

And the New York People Research Interest Group , NYPRIG in March said “calling a special election should be at the top of the governor’s to do list.” But it was not done for allegedly economic reasons too costly to run one though money was not an issue to fill the senate seat Monserrate vacated.

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