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University of Puerto Rico closed until July 31

May 19, 2010

José Ramón De La Torre, President of the  University of Puerto Rico and Ana R. Guadalupe, Campus Rector, closed down the university  on May 14  until July 31.

In a Democracy Now video, Professor Christopher Powers of the Mayaguez campus, called the students the “Bast Ya” generation.  The President of the University of Puerto Rico and the Board of Trustees control its budget. Since 1966 a law allowed  the university to use about 9.6 percent of its general funds income but under the government of Luis Fortuño, a conservative pro-statehood New Progressive Party issued a new law #7 to effect fiscal measures.

This had caused the massive lay-off of workers before and  applied disproportionately at the university only impacting the students, professors and workers not the bloated central administration and the Chancellors’ office.

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