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Bass pro still the best deal in town

May 21, 2010

I get to thinking about this Bass Pro deal and All I think about is a bunch of bananas.

In its recent issue  Artvoice cited  a  Public Accountability Initiative  involving two groups one local (  to “release a report skewering the promises made by Bass Pro to justify the huge subsidies it is poised to receive for opening a store in Buffalo’s historic waterfront development.”

Bass Pro President Jim   has been reviewing the lease to open up the mega-store on the Canal side project expected to  return it in July or August according to the Buffalo News.

Thomas Dee, head of Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation  said,“They are very anxious to open and want to make sure we have everything in place so we don’t hold them up.”  Five years ago Bass Pro sign a  non-binding  Memorandum of Understanding to come to Buffalo.

The Canal Side  project  costing $298 million with $154 in direct public subsidies is one of the most contentious  in Buffalo. Still, as the principal tenant though never ever contributing yet one cent to the project Bass Pro continues to have the best deal in town.

But if Bass Pro “brings no immediate business benefit, but merely a public value (since much of the public is questioning it) or as Dee said, ” being able to announce Bass Pro as the anchor tenant brings no immediate business benefit, but would have a public value.”

Why in the world are we embarking on this expensive proposal that has no economic value to the City?  Yes, “no immediate business benefit” after nearly spending $300 million dollars in one of the poorest cities in the nation.

Aren’t the people of  this City capable of developing a project more indigenous to the local area than a conglomerate like Bass Pro that started in the back of  a liquor store in Missouri ? What is so shameful is that we had plenty of time to come up with a project of our own all of us could have been proud. Now we continue to do everything around Bass Pro and they have yet to spend  one cent of their own money

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