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Gubernatorial race a yawn for republicans

June 3, 2010

Rick Lazio, endorsed GOP Gubernatorial candidate

It’s chosing the lesser of two evils for the up-coming gubernatorial race in the fall, attorney general Andrew Cuomo or Rick Lazio.  The former perpetuating the political status quo in Albany while the latter a Wall Street goon associated  with the mortgage fiasco that gripped the nation.  So with the GOP politically prostrated ,no viable candidates, the choice for New Yorkers is Andrew Cuomo–whee!

Yet,  with  barely $640,000 in his campaign coffers, the Republicans endorsed  Rick (Enrico) Lazio for governor at their Manhattan convention Tuesday.  His running mate is two-term Chautauqua County Executive, Gregory J. Edwards, with a population of 135,000 and a $235 million budget.

So, it’s a yawn for Republicans with the race perking up a bit if both the disgraced Buffalo real estate developer,  Carl Paladino and Suffolk County executive, Steve Levy challenge Lazio  in a primary if it happens a move Edward J. Cox, State GP Chairman supports in a party widely viewed as fractured and penniless compared to Andrew Cuomo the Democratic endorsed gubernatorial candidate with a campaign chest of over $16 million.

Both Levy and Paladino together brought in about $15 million in  campaign money though both weak candidates at least they would have provided Cuomo the financial competition now lacking with Lazio out of the political arena for almost a decade , serving eight years as a Republican congressman after losing to Hillary Rodham Clinton in New York’s race for the United States Senate.

Yet, the Villiage Voice newspaper revealed Lazio as a politician whose political legacy while in congress is a shady one calling his “16-year public life, and what comes through like sunshine is what a loyal servant to Wall Street Lazio was, a patsy for profit.”

If the Republicans raise more money than Cuomo doubtful with the governor’s race just  four months away, Lazio with Levy and Paladino out unless a GOP primary happens, the race for governor is a yawn.

Unless, the likes of Lewis Ranieri Rick Lazio’s finance chair for the race against Clinton resurfaces along with the contractors, developers, real estate brokers, mortgage lenders and bankers in the nation that helped him as detailed in the Village Voice report on Tuesday, April 13, 2010.

Yet, had the Republicans chosen a woman for Lt. Governor it would have added some excitement to an otherwise  moribund race. A woman would have energized the GOP ticket, garnering the media attention needed to raise the funds to challenge Cuomo.  I’m  yawning…

Gregory J. Edwards, Lt. Governor Candidate

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