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Hispanic political leader calls on community to form political and militant boycotts

June 8, 2010

What's this I'm reading here, no Puerto Rican Latina, African-American women, no men either. What's up with this crap! How Cuomo or Lazio expect the leadership to get the flock out to vote in Election 2010? It's hard to get folks off the toilet when they are straining to get the vote out.

The old white boy network is cutting political deals, excluding both the Puerto Rican, Latino and African-American leadership and their constituents the slight the cause of serious concerns about the candidacy of gubernatorial hopeful attorney general, Andrew Cuomo.

In his zest to  find ”someone who could be governor of New York “if something happened, something unfortunate,”  obviously someone white and masculine, with the attributes  of “competence, performance and integrity  gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo selected Robert J. (Bob)  Duffy, Mayor of Rochester.

Duffy does balance the Democratic ballot, providing the upstate region political recognition and importance certainly warranted but what about diversity?  That is the question that sent leaders  in the Puerto Rican, Latino and African-American communities scrambling to meet with Cuomo to ask him about his commitment to diversity and up-coming appointments in his administration.

Then, Rick Lazio the Republican Governor hopeful choice of  Chautauqua  county executive, Edwards along with the lily white line-up on the Democratic ballot for the party’s candidates for U.S Senate, attorney general and controller  left many Puerto Rican, Latino and African-American leaders wondering what’s up  this year and how  they  are going to energize and to convince the  slighted flock to get out the vote.

That is why  Senator ”Ruben Diaz, Sr called on the Latino community ” to form political and militant boycotts again to show that our community deserves respect and consideration,” responding to the lack of diversity on the Democratic  ballot.  The line-up of all white candidates on the Democratic ballot is troubling among African-American and Latino leaders, as well as,  the subject of an article in the NYDaily News.

On May 26, Cuomo called Al Sharpton to assured him that ”having a diverse administration is very important to me. It will be a top priority for me,” Cuomo told reporters.”You want to have an administration that reflects the diversity of New York. We will,” he said.  And ”Maggie Haberman a writer for Politico wrote an article about the black leadership meeting to discuss  where Cuomo stands.

Similarly, Senator Diaz wondered why Cuomo did not call any of the leaders in the Latino community to assure them his committment to “have a diverse administration” as he told Al Sharpton in May after his choice of Duffy as his running mate for Lt. Governor.

Cuomo believes  white folks think that after a person of color as in the case of Governor David Paterson had err in leadership, it’s time to bring back a white governor to turn things around to make them right again, and a white running mate in case “something happened, something unfortunate.”

What is the option here? It’s time for the Puerto Rican and Latino political leadership state-wide to come together as African-Americans have done recently when they met with the Cuomo to discuss his stand and to make sure there is representation from the community  in the Cuomo administration in significant  policy making positions instead of leaving it up to the would be Governor “to have an administration that reflects the diversity” as he envisions it.

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