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Elections 2010: the first Hispanic elected to statewide office in Nevada

June 9, 2010

Brian Sandoval, Republican Governor, winner Nevada primary

Republican Brian Sandoval won Tuesday’s primary over incumbent Gov. Jim Gibbons in Nevada.Yet “some Hispanics said they would have difficulty supporting Sandoval, the first Hispanic elected to statewide office in Nevada.

“A majority of the Hispanic community in general are not happy with him at all,” said Fernando Romero, president of Hispanics in Politics. “I doubt very seriously if he can persuade those of us who are disgruntled with him to come around,” as reported in the Las Vegas Sun newspaper.

And an ealier report cited, ” there are hopeful signs for Nevada Republicans among Hispanics, a reflection of the failure of Democrats to advance Hispanic agenda items such as health care and immigration reform.

Sandoval, a former assemblyman, attorney general who stepped down from a federal bench to run for governor hardly speaks Spanish except for what he learned about the language in school. His parents born in the U.S. opted to bring him up in an English-only speaking home.

His Democratic opponent for governor Rory J. Reid son of U.S. State Senator Harry Reid, is fluent in Spanish with a degree in the language from Brigham Young University.

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