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Discrimination high among hispanics both adults and youth in U.S.A

June 29, 2010

Discrimination based on their ethnicity continuous to be a problem for Hispanics around the nation among both youth and adults. As much as 81% young people under age 29 and 61% of adults consider discrimination as a problem for them.

In the City of Buffalo and the Western New York Region Hispanics are not getting their share of jobs  in the area while discrimination is a problem for them in the local job market.

This discrimination cuts across all income and age groups locally with  Puerto Ricans as a group suffering the most discrimination evident in  their  higher unemployment numbers than any of the other groups.

Whether in housing, the job market, or educational opportunities  discrimination is a problem  for Hispanics locally and unfortunately the younger generation of Hispanic youth continue to face it unprepared to address it.

A  poll of Hispanics under age 29 Democracy USA conducted in mid-April, a non-partisan group, revealed a large majority of these young Hispanics 83 percent thought discrimination was a problem for them personally.  Also, these young Hispanics don’t identify themselves as liberal or conservative, 3 in 4 believe President Barack Obama is doing a good job,  by a 4 to 1 margin they register Democrat. 1,500 Hispanics participated in the poll released this month.

This young group gets most of their news online, favoring Facebook over MySpace or Twitter,  and poll reaffirmed this age group tends not to vote. Out of 3.5 milion eligible  young Hispanic voters under 1.4 million voted in 2008 presidential election about 39 percent.  Half of Hispanics 18 to 24 years old were not registered to vote .  Half a million Hispanic will turn 18 each year over the next two decades a most powerful and progressive voting bloc if they vote.

Even among Hispanic adults a poll univision and AP conducted in May  of 901  reveal 61% respondents have personally been victims of discrimination because of ethnicity. The PEW Center survey revealed discrimination against Hispanics now in the nation higher than African-Americans.


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