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David rivera wanted to be the top cop in 2006 said deputy mayor casey

July 14, 2010

While the Buffalo Common Council Legislation Committee put the appointment of  top cop Daniel Derenda  on hold Tuesday, last week Deputy Mayor Steven Casey alleged Council Member David Rivera sought the job of  Buffalo Police Commissioner in 2006. Rivera admitted applying for the position of  deputy commissioner 4  1/2 years ago placed on a short list that Casey denied.  Surprisingly, one of the readers of the Buffalo News article commented that Derenda allegedly lives in Lancaster  not Clarence.

As reported in the Buffalo News Sunday, Derenda has connections that landed him the position of top cop while contributing his time and money to the Brown campaign. Okay folks,  why all the fuss? What did Mayor Brown do differently than the other mayors? Derenda like the rest looking to move up the patronage system at least was clever enough to make the right moves and be at the right places.  While still a Republican, Derenda volunteers for the Brown campaign in 2005, writes his position paper on crime, drives the mayor around provides security and a family company called First Impressions Apparel gets into the action as well sold materials to the campaign.  Derenda switches to the Democratic party in 2009 while still a Republican he gets promoted to Deputy Police Commissioner.

Hey, this guy does not have a college degree but a high school diploma from Hutch Tech is respectable,  and he does have 24-years experience as a  patrolman and all the right political connections.  And he did what everyone else does to get a top job–opened up  his wallet! Brown is not the first to reward those who serve and give with a patronage post.  Derenda did both though he gave more $$$.  Derenda knew what he wanted and he got it.  He is no different from the others. He saw an opportunity and he went for it.

The Buffalo Police Department is due for a professional overhaul, but when? When can the citizens expect for it to happen? It would have been a feather so to speak in Brown’s cap to have broken with past practice at least in this appointment particularly in a city that has become majority African-American and Latinos to have a top cop from the professional ranks who can command the respect of his subordinates all with a college degree. And there is concern about  the issue and fear of police brutality  in the minority communities while the officer Cariol Horne case still lingers as folks believe whites get disciplined differently than people of color at least in the Buffalo Police Department.

So Daniel Derenda is clever, politically astute some believe but a top cop is not a place he should be.

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