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Elections 2010: a profile of latino elected officials in united states since 1996

July 25, 2010

Although the Latino community is the fastest growing in the nation, its “future  political progress will not just occur automatically as the Latino population continues to grow according to the report, “A Profile of Latino Elected Officials in the United States since 1996.”

“The Latino community must continue the successful empowerment strategies of the past three decades.We must promote U.S. citizenship for the four to five million Latino legal permanent residents who are currently eligible to naturalize.  We must mobilize Latino citizens to cast their ballots through effective voter registration and engagement efforts. We must develop the political infrastructure to support future Latino leaders throughout the country.”

It’s interesting to read in this same report how “the level of representation of Latinas at higher offices in the United States is greater than the level for all female officeholders.  For example, 16.1% of all U.S. Representatives are female; however, 30.4% of the Latinos in the House are women.  According to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, women hold 21.5% of the nation’s State Senate seats and 24.2% of the State lower house seats.  In comparison, Latinas comprise 33.3% of the Latino State Senators, and 25.4% of the Latino State lower house members.”

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