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Pig roast for council member dr. curtis haynes draws a respectable crowd

July 25, 2010

A respectable  ethnically diverse and cross-section group of supporters gathered  at a pig roast held at a West side home  the Latin Journal Blog from the Barrio captured on a video to raise funds for Dr. Curtis Haynes who the Buffalo Common Council appointed to fill the vacant seat of former Council Member Brian Davis.

His appointment caused some resentment among the Erie County Democratic Committee members in the Ellicott District who endorsed  the Rev. Darius Pridgen with Firefighter Bryon  J. McIntyre close behind.  Dr. Haynes faces the two challengers in the fall both with political clout in the city.  And Hispanic voters in the Ellicott District this year are an important constituency candidates need to woo to win the race.

The appointment of Dr. Haynes had angered some members of the Ellicott District Erie County Democratic Committee because he was not the candidate the  members in the Ellicott District endorsed. His support coming from the Unity Coalition Party headed by “Champ” Eve, Jr. while Pridgen support is from the Grassroots group aligned with Mayor Byron Brown. Rumors had been circulating about the opulent life style  of Rev. Pridgen, criticizing his condo at the waterfront that he had to defend in  the Outrages & Insights Blog reporter Brian Meyer wrote before the Buffalo News canned it Editor Margaret Sullivan claiming a shortage of reporters at the paper.

Niagara District Council Member David Rivera and Michael Kearns showed up at the beautiful spacious West Side backyard  where  many of the tables set up under large white canopies filled as supporters ate the scrumptious pig roast with a luscious green salad along with a delightful glass of Sangria wine.

Nosotros President, Wilmer Olivencia and uncle Chito Olivencia, Bennie Matta, Jonathan Rivera, Rolando Gomez and others were on hand to help greet the guest  arriving at the home of  Jose Rodriguez. School Board Member Pamela Cahill huddled to the side with Lesley Haynes the mother of the Dr. Haynes. Colleagues of Dr. Haynes from Buffalo State College were present.

Assembly Member Hoyt though expected did not show up.  Deputy Election Commissioner, Arthur Eve, Jr. “Champ” appeared later at the same time as Commissioner Leonard L. Williams. Although the crowd of supporters was a respectable one few if any Latinos aligned with the Mayor were present though if they are a swing vote the support for Haynes in this community is a significant one.


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