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The buffalo puerto rican press most popular source of information for local latinos

July 25, 2010

The Buffalo Puerto Rican Press created just six months ago is one of the most popular sources of information among local Latinos with nearly 2000 views traced daily as of today.  The blog has a strong following in the Capital Region as many elected officials view it for information about Latinos at the local, state and national level.

Blogging diva Maria Rosa has seven on-ling blogs on diverse themes also popular among internet readers. Her other blogs are the Latin Journal Blog from the Barrio celebrating in August one-year on the internet followed by the Buffalo Puerto Rican Press, the Insurgent Teacher, the Emmet Till Social Justice blog, Especially for women in Buffalo New York, the Best International Eateries in Western New York and the Buffalo Empire Star.

Rosa is not new to media as she worked in the Editorial Department of the Buffalo News in the 1980s where she met her future husband the late Carl R. Allen, as well as, Editor of the News Margaret Sullivan, Mike Vogel, Peter Simon, and other journalist her favorite political reporter George Borelli.

Previously, she was associated with the Latin Journal one of the earliest newspapers published in the Latino Community in the City of Buffalo. The publisher of the Latin Journal Alberto O. Cappas moved to NYC in the early eighties to pursue other professional careers recently co-founding with Miguel Montes the Educational Pledge. They recruited Corrie E. Allen, daughter of Carl R. Allen to help them develop the Pledge chapters in local colleges and universities.

The Latin Journal blog from the Barrio plans a reception later in August or September to celebrate one year on the internet as well as a legacy of the old Latin Journal newspaper Alberto O. Cappas founded in the mid-seventies on the Lower West Side of Buffalo. Rosa’s first column “Mi Opinion” appeared in the Latin Journal.

During this period Rosa inspired the idea to create a Latina Women’s organization today the Hispanic Women’s League of  Buffalo back in 1978.  She called the school teacher Carmen Faccio  with her idea who gathered a group of women in her home on Busti Avenue most of them school teachers. The group met several times at the homes of different women until it became an organization in 1979 officers elected at the home of Rosa on Grant St.

Also at this time period in the late seventies and early eighties Rosa was the President of Adelante Latinos, a student organization at Buffalo State College while she served as the Chairperson of Education at the defunct Puerto Rican Chicano Committee today Hispanics United of Buffalo.

The Puerto Rican community is the largest of the Latino groups in the City of Buffalo together Latinos form a significant population in the City of Buffalo some statistics peg it now at over 45,000. So Rosa’s blog have become an important source of information about local, state and national news about Latinos.

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