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Elections 2010: nys supreme court race

August 10, 2010

Rumor is that Catherine Nugent Panepinto is no longer in the run for a NYS Supreme Court seat while one political website said she’s out another said she’s in, one thing for sure though she is not as visible as the other candidates  for one of the most unusual opportunities available this year for the multitude of candidates  vying for one of the   five seats  up for grabs this year in the NYS Supreme court race with what looked like no cross endorsements, but things in politics change all the time.

And  Joe Illuzzi speculated  in his political website  that “Justices Dillon & Fahey (Ds) will be crossed with Judge Voelkl & Niagara County Attorney Paul Wojtaszek. The race for the 5th seat will be Givens or Torres (Ds) or Judge Chimes or Mark Rogers on the GOP roster of possibilities.”

Certainly, the speculation boosts the candidacy of Betty Calvo Torres that Mayor Brown appointed to the City Court bench in 2007 later winning the election to a 14-year term in a race that left some Latinos still bitter that the home town girl Emilia Rodriguez first to aspire to the seat never made it to the bench the Erie County Board of Elections ruled her off ballot for insufficient valid signatures and a legal battle ensued in NYS Supreme Court.

Yet Calvo-Torres has developed a group of loyal supporters and admirers whom helped her to develop a political machine to win the City Court bench seat in 2007 and similarly continue to back her candidacy for the NYS Supreme Court, making her the only Latina from the up state New York region should she prevail and beat out her competitors so many of them that keeping up with it is challenging for  the journalist and bloggers in the social media.

There are three women of color running for the five NYS Supreme Court seats all of them city court judges, Judge Betty Calvo-Torres, Judge Debra L. Givens and  Judge Jeanette Ogden.  The political parties nominate the New York State Supreme Court candidates  through  a Judicial Conventions held within 20 days after the September 14 primaries where Judicial delegates decide what candidate each party chooses for the five New York State Supreme Court seats in the 8th Judicial District this year.

Calvo-Torres appears to have the solid backing of the Latino community except some in the Hoyt camp that still look askance at her candidacy perhaps more because she is viewed as part of the Latino faction in Mayor Brown’s camp at a time when both groups are in a nasty political race to topple each other for the 144 Assembly District seat.

Her chances of winning are just as good as any of the others perhaps a better one as she is more politically driven than the rest wanting to make her mark as the first Latina female judge in the up-State New York region and certainly her quest  is one not only the  local Latino community solidly supports her  in  but Latinos in New York State as well.

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