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Election 2010: Congressman hopeful Eddie Egriu battles with Slaughter in court as she challenges his petitions decision expected soon

August 20, 2010

Hopeful Congressman Eddie Egriu, Alicia Egriu and family

Egriu for change on Facebook today noted a court decision expected today after aspiring Congressman Eddie Egriu submitted his petitions for  the 28th Congressional District, but the incumbent Representative Louise Slaughter, fighting for her political life in an environment where citizens prefer new faces  dragged him into court challenging his petitions in a nasty court battle waged in New York State Court of Appeals. And a decision expected  momentarily.

Egriu is not new to confronting those in power who challenge him, but the feisty former manager of the Buffalo Push Program  who helped a generation of youngsters learn viable job skills is known to stand up for  the rights of others whether here or in other countries.

And in 2001, he organized a rally  held in downtown Buffalo to change the constitution of Macedonia, former Yugoslavia, so all the different ethnic people in that country had equal rights.

The people in the 28th Congressional  District,  stretching from  Buffalo, Niagara Fall to  areas in Rochester are listening to his message so much it worried Rep. Slaughter enough to challenge his petitions in court.

Yet, it helps  Slaughter when the wife of the Erie County Democratic Chairman Len Lenihan is on her staff along with six other family members on the Erie County Board of Elections  recently disclosed . And the blog diva is still checking out the sources on this information.

This political saga gets more interesting as a volunteer carried the petitions allegedly denying she knows Egriu in court papers connected to the above political triumvirate of Slaughter, Lenihan and Board of Elections workers attempting to oust him from the ballot as the court battle wages on.

Aspiring Congressman Egriu wrote, “they broke every rule in the book to attempt to remove me from the ballot we will find out this afternoon if they succeeded. In the near future we will be investigating how they broke the Law and ask for prosecution, this is not democracy and they are not allowing the people to have a choice in this election we will not roll over and play dead like a good puppy, me and my supporters want answers.”

And aspiring Congressman Egriu is not backing off saying, “if they do win the decision today it won’t be the end we will continue to further appeal till the truth comes out.” The aspiring Congressman Egriu further wrote, ” This is not Democracy and the truth will come out, the good will always prevail.”

Egriu is  married to the lovely Alicia Egriu Puerto Rican women and they have  four   beautiful children.

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