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Election 2010: Democrats & Politicans do they tell lies ?

August 25, 2010

Matthew Ricchiazzi became a household name in Buffalo after he threw  his hat into the last mayoral race. Folks seemed to have liked  seeing a new face in the race as South District Michael Kearns challenged incumbent Mayor Byron Brown in a contentious 2009 election. So what if  he’s only 23 years old,  a bi-sexual, half indian, recently turned Republican, starting to sound like a confused guy.

Although that hotly contested mayoral battled is behind us now, it catapulted Ricchiazzi to aspire for other races most recently North District School Board and for the 60th Senate District against incumbent Antoine Thompson, dropping out for what appeared to be residency issues.

Yet that has not deterred  the life-time Democrat  from switching his party affiliation to Republican in 2009  blasting  and disparaging the local Democratic Party leadership both elected officials and its operatives through Empire Political Consulting, a company he founded.

Empire Political Consulting produced a video on YouTube that sent shock waves through the  local Democratic Party establishment for associating its leaders with infamous serial killers John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer and Wayne Williams; the former two raping/killing young boys and men, the latter the infamous child murderer of Atlanta.

The video shows Steve Pigeon, Deputy Mayor Casey,  Rev. Pridgen, Sen. Thompson, Golombek and others with the script “Smiling Faces  Tell Lies.” Yet, associating the Democrats in the video with some of the most infamous serial killers in the nation is stretching it too far especially the image of Democratic politicians and their operatives who are decent folks   just a bit sooty on their campaign trails.

Serial killers absolutely not though they run their campaigns similar to the oldest profession in the world. And until campaign laws are seriously reformed, collecting enormous amounts of money in the 2nd poorest City in the nation where the average median income of their constituents is less than 28,000 is more disgraceful. 

The problem is they rather  answer to the special interest groups who provided them the quick cash less to the impoverished voters whose lives behooves their representation. And with the largest campaign treasure chest of them all the most popular madame is soon to open her mansion doors  for business in Albany to these special interest groups as they jump in and out  the hottest bed in New York State.

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  1. August 25, 2010 8:40 pm

    Unfortunately, in today’s political climate, I would say that the majority of elected officials are in the packets of the corporate and buisness interest groups, leaving them with little time to serve the communities that elected them into elected office. To change this trend, young people must take a more proactive and agressive interest in the political process. If things don’t change, America’s character is transitioning into a third world country….

    • saison1 permalink*
      August 25, 2010 9:55 pm

      Thanks for your comments. The prostitution character of electoral politics and fund raising needs to change. Your rights young people and others need to get more involved.

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