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Election 2010: Monserrate any chance of making a comeback?

September 6, 2010

Gov. Paterson,Left & Monserrate right

He’s a candidate for the 39th Assembly District seat recently appearing at a street re-naming ceremony in Queens, doing the kinds of things politicians and political candidates do, but not if your former Senator Hiram Monserrate, attending the same function as State Senator José R. Peralta.

Yet as dignitaries pulled a rope unveiling a sign honoring the Ecuadorian community, Monserrate prominently appeared in a photograph of the event to the chagrin of Peralta in the front section of  the New York/Region of the New York Times Newspaper.

The NY Times reporter quoted Senator Peralta yelling at former Senator Hiram Monseratte as the event ended. He said, “It’s disrespectful, man! It’s a disgrace to Ecuador.”  Monserrate responding with, “José, get a life.”

Peralta does have a life at least the one Monserrate had before ousted from the 13th Senate District Queens in February, losing the special election in March. Does it mean Monserrate is forever a persona non grata?

Interestingly, no where in the State Constitution or the Legislature is there any rules for ousting anyone with a misdemeanor conviction. So why did it happen? The last time anyone ever expelled happened in the 1920s, so why expulsion for a Puerto Rican senator?

It’s all a web of political intrigue involving a lame duck governor David Paterson his  attorney general Andrew Cuomo running for his job, defending the State’s position in ousting a Puerto Rican Senator assisted by a Senator Eric T. Schneiderman that led the special committee expelling Puerto Rican Senator Monserrate, helping his friend  former Dominican Assemblyman Jose Peralta win Monserrate’s former Senate seat.

And Monserrate runs for the  his old foe  Peralta’s Assembly seat, and Schneiderman who wants tougher ethics enforcement,  running for attorney general the same way he ran from the scene of a car accident in July only calling the owner after she called him first, endorsing the Dominican Adriano Espaillat for his Senate seat…and so on and so forth.It gives the average person a headache trying to keep up with the intrigue.

The so call liberal newspaper the NY Times endorsed Schneiderman for attorney general credits him for leading the committee for ousting Monserrate, believing he’s the one to push for a “cleaner and transparent government.”

Yet five are vying for the attorney general seat this year in the Democratic primary on September 14, just nine days before voters go to the polls.  The only woman in the pack Kathleen M. Rice, District Attorney from Nassau County challenged Schneiderman as an Albany insider “too enmeshed in Albany to be effective.”

Schneiderman stopping in Buffalo Labor Day weekend on his three city tour through Upstate New York, Buffalo his last stop  sharing his plan to curb guns and violence. While  Ramon Jimenez, is running for attorney general on the new Freedom Party line stops in Buffalo on Saturday, September 11, to march in the Puerto Rican Day Parade, mingling with Hispanics to make his candidacy more visible.

Former Puerto Rican leader and past publisher of the Latin Journal Newspaper Alberto O. Cappas is in town this weekend, planning to visit until mid-week thinks Jimenez is a respectable lawyer.  Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant helping him and the Freedom Party candidates local journalist and historian Eva Doyle candidate for Lt. Governor and  Democratic Council Member Charles Barron from Brooklyn for Governor.

Mean while if money and endorsements makes the politician Francisco Moya vying for Peralta’s old Assembly seat has an advantage over Monserrate  his campaign chest totalling over $150,000 to Monserrate’s$50,000 August and July figures respectively.

According to e-mails  from a Jackson Heights  Life news:

Below is the latest Blog on the 39th Assembly Race.” … I would never vote for Moya who does not even live in the district and is a total stooge of the party bosses.  He is a paid lobbyist for Cablevision.  I don’t know if Monserrate is running as he has not declared but there must be other options.  So if Monserate doesn’t run and Pufolkes is out then this guy just walks in?Huh? Should we all be ok with this?Huh???  JH, What are we to do? SOMEONE PLEASE STEP UP!!!”

“I was dismayed again by the current political machinations of the Democrats in Queens.  Will it ever get better? Here goes  a few days ago Joe Crowley the pro war, pro patriotic act congressman who also chairs our local Tamany Hall Queens democratic Machine endorsed Fransisco Moya for the Assembly seat in the 39th AD.  WOW  What corruption.  You see Moya is the former staffer to the hapless Gov. Paterson who did a favor to the CORRUPT Qns. County Machine chair Joe Crowley by not calling a special election thus leaving us without a rep in Albany for close to a year.  Why?Huh? So that Crowley’s lapdog ass kissing crony Moya could run ( A 3 time loser in local elections).  You see, while he was busy making a six figure salary as a lobbyist for CABLEVISION (another Crowley connect) he was not eligible to run in the special election because he did NOT LIVE IN THE DISTRICT!!!!  So our Hack Guv did a solid to Qns. Tamany and didn’t call it.
Wow now all the other Dem flunkies are flocking to Mud Man Moya.  Check his voter card at the Board of Election. Jackson Heights wake up!!!! ”

Angry Gossip lady reminded all that ” Politics is dirty business for sure so Moya may have grown up in the 39th Assembly District but he moved out lived some where else outside the district and moved into his parents’ home in the 39th to run for the 39th Assembly seat and as a former Governor Paterson staffer he did him a favor by not calling for a  special election to fill the 8 month vacant assembly seat almost one-year empty by the time former Senator Hiram Monserrate fills it.”

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