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Election 2010: Pridgen a landslide victory

September 15, 2010

There were no surprises primary night except for the way Tim Kennedy  trounced Bill Stachowski.

And Carl Paladino trounced Rick Lazio, but  expected  since the Republicans have made prior deals with gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Cuomo who they support. The reason Paladino is “mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore.”

Well, with all his wealth Paladino doesn’t have to take it anymore, the way the rest of us have to take it whether mad or not. The Ellicott Square building described as a mad house with some dressed in minutemen costumes and “very white” a source conveyed previously in the building.

Reverend Darius Pridgen won a landslide victory in the Ellicott District, Tim Kennedy trounces Senator Bill Stachowski, Senator Thompson beat his competitors Rory Allen and Al Coppola and Kathleen Rice wins the attorney general race.

Interestingly, both Senator Pedro Espada, Jr. and Hiram Monserrate conceded earlier last night. Rep. Charles Rangel won the 15th Congressional District once again defeating Adam Clayton Powell, IV.

Erie County Legislature Majority Leader, Mary Whyte and attorney Jeremy  Toth both give congratulatory speeches,  introducing Len Lenihan who talked about his long-time relationship with Assemblyman Sam Hoyt and the great and cherished values of the Democratic Party, ones obviously few adhere.

Later Hoyt walked into the Casa di Pizza with his  wife and two sons the TV cameras following him as he made his victory speech calling for his rival Mayor Bryon Brown to put down the armor for the good of  the community.

Surrounded by his, staff, workers and  volunteers Hoyt ran down a litany of his accomplishments in the community.  He thanked Chito Olivencia for his support coming from Puerto Rico to work on the campaign.

After he finished, the song “We are the champions” played as he huddled in a corner with the media. Councilman David Rivera, Jonathan Rivera, Wilmer Olivenica, Jr. , President of NOSOTROS, Benjamin Matta, Cesar Cabrera, Carlos Benitez and other Latinos “Hoytistas” were in the room.

It’s now on to the November general election.

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