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Election 2010: Jack Quinn III picking up Latino support.

September 24, 2010

He’s been in the 146th  Assembly District since 2004.  He has name recognition including a family political pedigree extending back to his father  in Congress and later president of Erie Community College.

And Republican State Senate candidate Jack Quinn III  says he has “new bold ideas”  and a better record than his opponent Timothy Kennedy who trounced Senator Bill Stachowski in the Democratic primary election last Tuesday, September 14.

Quinn  wants the Latino votes and is making some in roads in the Puerto Rican community lately. He started talking to “Chito” Olivencia last Saturday at a local community heritage dinner.  And today, Quinn’s operatives reached out to a group of  Latinos in a private meeting to garner some support”. 

 Chito said, “I trust him. and I’m going to support him.”  Olivencia wants to continue the “open-door policy” he said the community enjoyed with Senator  Stachowski.  Benny Matta accompanied Mr. Olivenica to the private affair viewed as a very good meeting between both sides.

Other Latino operatives seen at the private affair included School Board President, Ralph Hernandez and West Seneca resident Rev. Casimiro Rodriguez.

 It is not know yet whether the Puerto Rican political group Mr. Olvencia founded NOSOTROS in Buffalo before retiring to Puerto Rico  involved in helping Assemblyman Quinn III.

Mr. Olivencia is the highest ranking Latino political operative gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino tapped as a consultant to his campaign.

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  1. September 25, 2010 7:04 am

    Let’s not forget that Quinn is being “Sponsored” by his Shaw & Shaw Law Firm and/or his clients and friends of the NYS Bar!

    If elected just who will Jack Quinn, Jim Domagalski, Mark Grisanti or (re-elected) Michael Ranzenhofer be representing on the Senate floor?
    Their law Firms, the NYS Bar, Clients or their constituents.

    It time we had a government of the people, not of the attorneys.

    • saison1 permalink*
      September 25, 2010 6:10 pm

      Yes! What about Tim Kennedy? Paladino? Cuomo? Schneiderman?

      • September 25, 2010 11:32 pm

        I haven”t changed my colors, I was no fan of Schneiderman and his 1900 attorney law firm!
        No fan of HUD’s building beyond the City limits and adding, as a consequence, to the vacancy rate within our cities (and overall housing market) and ultimate housing melt down!
        Paladino seems sincere enough and unlike some of the “Sponsored” attorneys, you know where his money is coming from!
        I remain a devoted Democrat, describing Richard Nixon as a school boy compared to GW Bush and wouldn’t do anything to disrupt the re-election efforts of Barack Obama!

        I leave the dismemberment of Democratic attorneys serving in the NYS Senate and Assembly to my Republican counterparts!

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