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Election 2010: Is Paladino wooing the Hispanic vote

September 28, 2010

Carl Paladino is hugging people who show up to his events in hopes of winning them over through affection.

Don’t expect to get a hug from Democratic gubernatorial candidate  Andrew Cuomo, but Carl Paladino has lots of  affection to give to any willing voters wanting his embrace on the campaign trail.  Last month he said, “I can’t hug them all,” “but I can try.”

And Later, GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino has designated “Queens as “the ‘mad as hell’ headquarters of downstate” … and he went  down to a mostly Italian area of the city and marched  in a pre-Columbus parade after winning the primary with many of the Republicans in the area hovering around him.

Paladino’ views are simple as he believes that “it’s the people of the state of New York vs the establishment”  and “government’s corruption has to be stopped.” So, he’s “mad as hell” and he’s going to do something about it.

Since,  there are different layers of corruption in Albany  the public is left wondering which layer  of corruption he plans to peel first as some view  the contracts, sweetheart deals, tax incentives, and the pay-to-play political culture in Albany benefited his real estate deals that has made him a local millionaire by purchasing office buildings then leasing space to the government.

And African-American leaders in NYC and elected officials issued a statement two weeks ago that viewed Paladino as a threat to New York’s long-standing committment to tolerance and equality…”

A SurveyUSA poll, ” released Wednesday, reported that Paladino has the support of just 7 percent of black voters, 33 percent of Hispanics and 46 percent of whites. Andrew Cuomo, by comparison, is favored by 86 percent of black voters, 55 percent of Hispanics and 42 percent of whites, the survey reported.”

Paladino is garnering some support among Latinos state-wide last month “New York State Senator Ruben Díaz Sr., (who is also a pentecostal minister and a Democrat) invited Paladino to a breakfast with more than one hundred Hispanic ministers hailing from the five boroughs so they could get to know him better.”

And, he tapped “Chito” Olivencia as a consultant to his campaign viewed as a sign he is reaching out to the Latino community in Buffalo. Mr. Olivencia has spoken highly of Paladino and his relationships with Latinos here.

Mr. Olivencia is well-connected to other Latinos in the up-state New York Region from the many years he spent working on political campaigns, extending  to his father Augustin “Pucho” Olivencia, one of the founding fathers of the local Puerto Rican community.

Source in the Latino community says Paladino runs a small political group of advisors, but that he pays his consultants well–credit cards, expense accounts, cars and other amenities extended to his inner circle.


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