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Election 2010: Memories democratic primary night, social media bloggers make or break an election today

October 1, 2010

I try  staying neutral  blogging about political events in Buffalo and Erie County though it continues to be challenging as many wonder why I’m not on one side or the other of the political spectrum.

And aside from my enthusiasm for Puerto Rican Havard trained lawyer, Ramon T. Jimenez for attorney general in the November general elections I prefer staying neutral some people running for political office upset with it. Instead, I attend the various happenings whether fundraisers or other activities in the community.  And the social media especially bloggers tied to the internet through hundreds of links today  make or break an election.

In this photograph, the Erie County Democratic Committee posted on its Facebook page, to the  right of  Erie County Chairman Len Lenihan is a glimpse of me  (Maria Rosa) and Latino political consultant, “Chito” Olivencia during primary night with members of the Erie County Democratic Committee gathered to track the votes as they came in from the Erie County Board of Elections at Casa di Pizza on Elmwood Avenue.

I met up with a few members of the Green Party and founder/publisher of the Alt Press on-line Joe Schmidbauer, who explained the Greens traditionally attended various political gatherings after primary night and planned on joining them to the other primary night activities. And another journalist informed me they had just come back from the Carl Paladino event at the Ellicott Square building, he described  it as “very white” with a Paladino supporter wearing a minutemen outfit.

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