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Election 2010: Tim Kennedy fundraiser attracted many old Gorski democratic operatives

October 1, 2010


A living room area at the Frank Lloyd Wright Davidson House at Tillinghast Place

Tim Kennedy Democratic candidate for New York State Senate 58th district is”bringing change to Albany” and money into his political coffers as his fundraiser Wednesday evening attracted a group of supporters contributing from $45 to $1000 to his political campaign at the Frank Loyd Wright Davidson house on Tilllinghast Place.Kennedy trounced Senator William T. Stachowski in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, September 14.

Former Erie County Executive Dennis Gorski and a who’s who from his old administration filled the house along with Deputy Mayor Steve Casey.

Others at the affair included NYS Supreme Court Judge Eugene Fahey, Erie County clerk, Kathy Hochul, City Court Judge and Erie County Judge Candidate James Mcleod, City Court Judge Henry Nowak, as well as, representatives from the office of Congressman Brian Higgins. Mayor Bryon W. Brown made a cameo appearance at the end surprisingly alone without his body-guard.

Grassroots founder Maurice Garner, Erie County Water Commissioner, Jack O’Donnell, both now associated with the lobbying and consulting firm Bolton’s-St. Johns, LLC , Denise O’Donnell and other Democratic operatives attended the affair that lasted past 8 PM.

As the group of eighty-five or more mingled over scrumptious appetizers and high-end spirits, owner of the Frank Lloyd Wright Davidson House, Russell Maxwell summoned the guests to a foyer area to introduce New York State 58th Senate Candidate Timothy Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy call Mr. Edwin Martinez an”incredible warrior” and Mr. Maxwell “a generous host.” He thanked co-chairs Senator Antoine Thompson, Steve Casey, Dr. Raul Vazquez, Edward O. Smith, Tom Gleed, Bryan Ball, Christopher Lavey, Edwin Martinez ,Russell Maxwell and Dan Granville.

And he recognized David Contreras Turley of the Human Rights Campaign for his support and endorsement as well as Carol Speser, a founding member of Stonewall Democrats of WNY. And thanked Stonewall Democrats for endorsing him on Wednesday as well.

Graduating from D’Youville College in 1999 with a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy, Kennedy thanked and credited Dr. Olga Karman, a former professor of Spanish at the college with encouraging him to volunteer for campaigns in the community to pursue his interest in politics in what he described the experience as, “far beyond what I expected.”

And he thanked his wife Kathy for caring for their two children age 2 and 5 . Kenney said, he brings change to Albany that has not seen any in over twenty years. He called it, “we have an incredible thing going…creating an environment people are proud of, a simple message but strong.”

There was the typical chats about the best candidate for Erie County Executive next year the name of Kathy Hochul, Erie County Clerk surfaced.

Judge Fahey, 14 years later seemed somewhat bewildered there were no cross-endorsements and thrown out into the ring with hardly any time to raise the funds needed to win a second 14-year term , whileJudge Kevin Dillon is in the same boat except he had a successful fund-raiser the same night at Pettibone Grill some of the same folks supporting both events.

The Carl Paladino for Governor has galvanized the Republicans and the cross-endorsements worked out in yesteryear between Republicans and Democrats at the Judicial Conventions in the last 14 years didn’t happen this year. Judge Fahey and Dillon now have to compete with others who have had more time to campaign and raise funds. The latter facing health issues as well.

A source revealed Erie County Chairman Len Lenihan still upset when the Erie County Legislature reform coalition made up of five Republicans, three Democrats and one Independent voted to appoint Jack O’Donnell to the Erie County Water Authority, ousting Frank E. Swiatek the choice of Lenihan as his political conduit to the patronage saturated Authority.

The affair attracted a group of prominent Latinos such as Edwin Martinez, Juan Texidor, Fabiola Friot, Yuri Cisneros, Olga Karman, Fernando Garcia, and Dr Raul Vazquez.

Other Hispanic supporters for Tim Kennedy: Cesar Cabrera, David Rivera, Danny Castro, and Hispanic Alliance.

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  1. October 1, 2010 8:14 pm

    Kennedy, NYS Senator Thompson, Appleton and Coppola are all going to have to do a lot of fund raising to off set the money donated by fellow members of the NYS Bar, clients and the financial advantage of belonging to a “Sponsoring” Law firm.
    Then there is the coat tail effect! In recent years voters have had an increasing tendency to split the ticket, but a heavy Paladino turn out in Western NY could lead to a Republican sweep with all of the attorney-Republicams elected in the Greater Buffalo area.
    A rather discusting prospect, with the likely hood of US ever getting tort reform and an end to the practice of Defemsive Medicine unlikely.

    We, US, need to look more closely at the men and woman we choose to represent US in State Government, we, US, continue to vote for people that are by any other definition, little more than paid lobbyists for their clients, fellow members of the NYS Bar and the law firms they represent, only we, US are the ones paying their $80,000 plus salaries!

    • saison1 permalink*
      October 2, 2010 12:32 am

      Interesting point. Just wondering what candidates are the most vulnerable to the Republican challenges in this region?

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