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Proposition 19 legalized recreational use of marijuana

October 27, 2010

Californians to roll away the tokes if proposition 19 passes legalized marijuana to pump billions annually into the state economy. Photo credit: AP

Californians going to puff their way out the recession and their budget woes  if voters approve the ballot measure Proposition 19, and the world is watching.

No need to hide the toke anymore in California if voters approve the ballot measure in Proposition 19, “Californians 21 and older will be allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of pot and cultivate the plant on a plot of land up to 25 square feet.”

Don’t put the toke out yet if you have a minor in the house with Attention Hyperactivity Disorder or  ADHD doctors in California recommend medical marijuana for them too. If your under 18 a parent must accompany the child to the doctor prescribing it. Of course, there are many who disagree with the idea of children getting stone legally, but some prefer it over the conventional prescription of  Ritalin with its known negative side effects.

And multibillionaire  investor George Soros involved in pushing for legalized medical marijuana 14 years ago supports the recreational use in Proposition 19,  as well as,  a way for the cash strapped state of California to get much-needed revenue while lowering crime, incarceration and enforcement costs.

So no need to fear Soros is here  donating $1 million to help pass proposition 19. And no need to run from the feds  anymore “Federal drug agents won’t pursue pot-smoking patients or their sanctioned suppliers in states that allow medical marijuana, under new legal guidelines to be issued Monday by the Obama administration.Yet still a Federal crime if  it is used beyond what the law allows or for any other activity to cover a crime.

New York State watch closely  with a $10 billion budget deficit, furloughs, sur charges, fees, foreclosures, taking out the toke here might give the economy  the boost it needs. It may be time to start the  Toke Party in New York.

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