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Election 2010: the black vote and Andrew Cuomo

October 31, 2010

In Capital tonight last month, reporter Liz Benjamin posted a story on   Elinor Tatum, publisher and editor-in-chief of The Amsterdam News, oldest continuously published black newspaper in the nation, open letter to Andrew Cuomo, admonishing  he needs the black vote to win while reminding him former Governor Mario Cuomo, his father, lost the gubernatorial race in 1994 after he lost the support of  black voters.

There has been lots of talk of Latinos sitting out the gubernatorial race this mid-term election, but little said about African-Americans in a similar situation. It’s just that the  all white slate on both sides of the GOP and the Democrats this mid-term election turned away many of these voters.

Certainly not from the polls as many think but to other options like the Freedom Party and Green Party. These two parties with both Latinos and African-Americans candidates pulling votes away from the GOP and Democrats all white slate feeling disgruntled  and left out  this mid-term election. As Ramon Jimenez, candidate for attorney general under the Freedom Party said, “how could this be happening now?”

The Freedom Party fever has caught on in Buffalo a female African-American, local historian and columnist for the Criterion Newspaper, one of the oldest black press in the city, Eva Doyle is on the slate as candidate for lieutenant governor.  While the Freedom Party candidates signs seem to be posted around the  east side more than the white candidates, Andrew Cuomo or Carl Paladino.

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