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Election 2010: Cuomo visit Buffalo day before voters go to polls

November 2, 2010

Andrew Cuomo campaign stopped in Buffalo today at the Rev. Dr. Bennett W. Smith Family Life Center on the East Side in Downtown Buffalo.  The standing room only crowd of  supporters listened to the Democratic nominee speak on various issues to a cross-section of  Buffalo residents many of them African-Americans and some Latinos from the clergy.

As music blasted through a loud-speaker at the end of his speech, Cuomo then descended from the podium to greet and meet members of the audience as he made his way from one side to the other hand shaking some while hugging others characteristically an Italian gesture.

It was a who’s  who in the Democratic Party that came to hear Cuomo the climate highly spirited and politically energizing for some of the 400 or more showing up today to hear a candidate that has increased his edge over his opponent Carl Paladino in recent days.

And Cuomo looked already very much like a governor to be walking and talking as though tomorrow the polls will show what predicated all along that Cuomo will be the next governor of New York State at least for one moment everyone present believe it today.

Not all showed up to support him a small but vocal gathering of GOP nominee Carl Paladino supporters and  the Freedom Party stood outside handing out the literature of their respective candidates.

As I jumped in the car to leave  I heard a loud speaker from a car with the voice of Mayor Byron Brown encouraging votes to vote for Senator Antoine Thompson.


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