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Election 2010: Vote today! Blacks and Latinos “mad as hell!”

November 2, 2010

Voters go to the polls today to vote for a new governor in New York State and other offices from attorney general to downsizing the Erie County Legislature. The governor’s race in New York  is the most interesting one in the nation as two Italian Americans Andrew Cuomo a scion of a  down-state political family takes on upstate Republican nominee  Carl Paladino.

Cuomo is the son of former governor Mario Cuomo in office for three terms until a Republican defeated him in 1994 allegedly when he lost substantial support from the African-American community the editor of the Amsterdam newspaper alleged earlier in an open letter.

Democrats have provided the Republicans an opportunity to gain some political leverage when they opted to have an all white slate this mid-term election. What could have been an exciting race energizing the dormant minority electorate suppress it while others attracted to the alternative parties with a more diverse slate such as the Green and Freedom Party.

Andrew Cuomo views himself as the great white hope to restore confidence in the white electorate after what some perceive as the political debacles of the first African-American governor the reason he selected for a running mate  Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy. Duffy used mayoral control of the Rochester Public Schools as an excuse to dissolve the minority School Board. The bill passed the Assembly and waiting for Senate approval in Albany, a pet project to keep him busy when he gets to Albany .

If only African-Americans in New York City or down state had supported the candidacy of Leecia Eve instead of David Paterson former disgraced governor Elliot Spitzer preferred. The political landscape in New York especially for minorities would look much different today. Yet, Paterson missed another opportunity to appoint a Latino or African-American to the Senate seat Hilary Clinton left to become the Secretary of State under President Barack Obama instead he appoints Kirsten Gillibrand who later joined the political chorus to oust him.

In the City of Buffalo there is a referendum to down-size the Erie County Legislature pushed for by the Republicans with the support of some Democrats to save the county money though it’s so negligible it cost more to vote for it. And it appears to dilute the minority representation in the City while empowering the suburban districts.

And the race for governor of the State is both an ethnic thing and turf battle the upstate region a gubernatorial candidate for the first time in years. Polls already have indicated Carl Paladino is winning in Erie County in the so call upstate region Cuomo denied existed in his interview with the Buffalo News after the newspaper endorsed him. Still, Cuomo has the support of the rank and file in the African-American community in Buffalo as his supporters jammed the standing room only at the Rev. Dr. Bennett W. Smith Family Life Center when he spoke yesterday.

And in  the election for the New York State Supreme Court Justices in the 8th Judicial District a similar thing happened again with an all white slate selected in the judicial convention with the backing of the white party leaders. So it is not Paladino that is “mad as hell” but the minority electorate snubbed  this mid-term election by both the Republicans and Democrats.

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