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Election 2010: Downsizing referendum vote a sham!

November 3, 2010

Downsizing the Erie County Legislature yesterday in the election didn’t necessarily mean that “public opinion was clear” on the matter as the Buffalo News stated.

In fact many folks complained they didn’t see the question behind the ballot while many didn’t think to turn over it over to check. That is why it appeared as though the voters overwhelmingly voted for the proposition when in fact many never seen it or thought to turn the ballot around to the other side.

So there would have been more people voting against it especially in the City of Buffalo since the shift in population toward the suburbs mainly all white enclaves.

“Roughly 70 percent of its residents last year lived outside Buffalo, when the city had a population of around 270,000,” according to the News article. And unlike other areas the Erie County Legislature downsized a bit already from a high of 21 to just 15 now to 11.

And all the battles and challenges over downsizing in State Supreme court, the Appellate court , the Election Commissioners challenge in Court, and downsizing guru Kevin Gaughan court challenge all must have cost more than the $200,000 saved from cutting the positions not to mention the cost of putting it on the ballot.

What a sham if ever one and a waste of taxpayers money what the proponents of the proposition alledged trying to save. Certainly, now a few folks needlessly lost their jobs. How shameful!

Now guru Gaughan recommended the Erie County hire an outside consultant from the Brookings Institute to assist in making up legislative districts that “give an even stronger voice to inner city residents and people of color.”

Didn’t the people of color already have that representation with number of current legislators “…six who represent all or a part of the City of Buffalo,” as Chairperson Barbara Miller-Williams had alleged earlier at the Monday news conference?

As reported in the Buffalo news she said, “That represented a good urban-suburban balance for county government. To reduce it to even three legislators who represent the city would shift that balance of power.”

Why the referendum before the redistricting is the question many residents asked?

The referendum should be  invalidated and citizens an opportunity to vote for it again because too many didn’t realize they had to turn over the ballot to see the question and it came up as an issue in the Buffalo News live chat with some of the participants.

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