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Election 2010: Grisanti leads in the 60th senate race

November 3, 2010

With nearly 400 votes lead now the Buffalo News reported Mark Grisanti leading in the 60th Senate district race and its too much for incumbent Senator Antoine Thompson to over come. “Grisanti’s new lead reflects the results of two missing election districts in Erie County that went heavily for the Democrat running as a Republican,” said State Sen. George Maziarz of  to the News.

Still there are absentee ballots coming in that Sen. Dean Skelos, a Long Island Republican speculated will keep Grisanti in the lead because the Republicans had an agressive absentee ballot campaign going in the districts.

Grisanti is  still a registered Democrat but Skelos conversation with him indicated he’ll join the Republicans in the Senate to improve the chances of giving them  back the control they  had for over four decades.

When asked how could Thompson have lost in a safe Senate district, Skelos responded he “didn’t do his homework,” “lots of clumsy mistakes politically,”…and “governmentally.”

Yet, two other things such as the demographics of the 60th Senate district composed of more white voters than before and Thompson should have responded to the media inquiries regarding the publication of the work he accomplished in the district such as the  2010 State of the 60th Senatorial District report much talked about in the last days before the election.

And the media mercilessly waged war with the Senator instead of responding he ignored it, giving his opponents an opportunity to convey their messages. The Democratic State Senate Campaign Committee negative messages about Buffalo lawyer Mark Grisanti such as “If you’re a killer, drug dealer, burgler or scam artist, Mark Grisanti would like to represent you,” backfired.

Senator Antoine Thompson & Lawyer Mark Grisanti

Still credit Carl Paladino for drawing out more  of the white constituency in the 60th State Senate District along with the Republicans and Conservatives to the polls.

The problem in the 60th Senate District race the base had changed no longer dependent upon African-Americans on the East Side what many had predicted. In the primary Al Coppola and Rory Allen split the white vote, but in the general election the reality of the demographics in the districts emerged.

As his political mentor Mayor Byron Brown might have to make the phone call to Senator  Antoine Thompson that it may be time to concede.

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