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Election 2010: Incumbents are back!

November 3, 2010

The anti-incumbent fears never happened on election night most if not all returning to Albany. With most precincts reporting Andrew Cuomo trounced Carl Paladino who stated earlier he’ll never run for office again .

Quinn conceded in the 58th district to Tim Kennedy last night. Results still coming in on the 60th Senate race Antoine Thompson incumbent edge out Mark Grisanti by a slim margin.

The Freedom Party garnered over 38,00 votes short of the 12,000 needed to get a ballot line. Ramon Jimenez received nearly 18,000 votes state wide for attorney general as a Freedom Party candidate. Thompson ahead by only 258 votes all precincts reporting 302 out of 305.

Four Democrats won the 8th District Judicial seats Dillion, Fahey, Panepinto, Chimes and Nowak. City Court Judge James McLeod lost to Kenneth Case for a County Justice seat. He had a better chance running for one of the five seats in the NYS Supreme Court.

Now, a Cuomo transition team appointed soon to work out how to replace those that leave with the Paterson administration in less than two months. And Marissa Shorenstein, Paterson’s press secretary who jumped ship during the scandal involving his aide in the domestic abuse case  is doing a similar job for Cuomo.

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