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Election 2010: Grisanti continues to lead in 60th Senate race

November 4, 2010

Don’t expect to hear a concession speech from any of the two candidates in the contentious State Senate 60th District until after Tuesday next week the first day the absentee and affidavit ballots slated to be counted.

Meanwhile, the battle wages on the State Democrast sent former “Sen. Martin Connor, an expert in state election law, to Buffalo to represent Thompson’s interests, ” according to the Buffalo News report today

Some say Mayor Byron Brown may have to ask  his political protegé  Senator Antoine Thompson to concede the race though its mere speculation for now. There are always surprises in political races it may well be his opponent Democrat running with the support of Republicans Buffalo lawyer Mark Grisanti, but some say it’s highly doubtful at this point in the race.

After the results of the two missing districts  election night later came in from Grand Island the lead Senator  Thompson had  ahead of his opponent Republican  Mark Grisanti gradually dissipated the latter garnering nearly 400 more votes others say 600.

Thompson’s African-American base on the East Side may not have been large enough to overcome the white voters in the 60th Senate District numbering more than his inner city support group many had speculated would have clinched the race for him.

The 2,500 absentee and affidavit ballots    counted  next Tuesday  speculated to favor Grisanti. And  Republican leader Skelos from Long Island indicated  they had an aggressive campaign to increase the paper ballots especially rumored a mailed out to senior citizens over the age of 60 ethnically targeted according to a source in the African-American community.

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