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60th Senate race what happened?

November 7, 2010

Señor Pigeon

There are many  reasons  why incumbent Senator Antoine Thompson still might have to concede to his Republican opponent local lawyer Mark Grisanti.

A Democratic source in the African-American community simply said, “Did you know that Antoine did not receive the Independence Line in the General Election? Even though Len Lenihan and Democratic headquarters got signatures for that line for Senator Thompson, Steve Pigeon and others, who control that line, refused to give to Antoine.”

And  Geoff Kelly, Artvoice editor,  in his “Seven Days” weekly column wrote, Steve Pigeon, who seemed largely invisible this campaign season, dipped his beak into the 60th District race in its last couple weeks.” And he attributed what happened in the 60th Senate District race to ” more to do with dissatisfaction with Thompson and ethnic voting patterns—African Americans for Thompson, whites and especially Italians for Grisanti—than with some new pool of voters drawn to the polls by Paladino.”

Kelly may have a point here though former county executive Joel Giambra supported Grisanti as well as the building trade unions who endorsed him , providing him a legion of volunteers.

And the last two district everyone waited  to come in with Thompson ahead by 258 votes on election night Kelly also commented, “…were in Grand Island, where Thompson lost two his two Democratic primary opponents by a margin greater than four to one. Grisanti,too, cleaned Thompson’s clock on Grand Island, beating him by more than 600 votes.”

Yet plausible is the aggressive ballot courting campaign the Republicans waged in the last weeks targeting the voters over age 60 the ones dissatisfied with the Obama administration and its policies in health care reform.

And never underestimate the wrath of John Duke a Democratic operative par excellence  earlier confidant of  Senator Thompson  he alienated for allegedly assuming a leadership role in a political organization in the Latino Community. Folks simply weary of  Thompson’s control over  their activities in the community, something they had to acquiesce to if they worked for the Senator.

Last time anyone heard about Independent Party operative  Steve Pigeon New York newspapers reported  seeing him on a street corner in the South Bronx handing out literature helping former Majority Leader of the Senate Pedro Espada, Jr. in his failed reelection bid to save his $150,000 patronage job as legal counsel the embattled politician. And Pigeon takes care of his politician friends, raked in a bit of cash for Espada in the Western New York Region.

Interesting what happens when the Governor elect Andrew Cuomo transition teams assembled to see who are the players from the upstate New York area.

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