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Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo’s first public statement on education

November 8, 2010

Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo made his first public statement about public education at the Somos Legislative Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico today flanked by his top Latino elected officials.

You haven’t seen a battle yet as the proponents of charter schools, privatization and teachers unions and other opposed to this issue prepare for a battle that may bring the newly elected Cuomo administration down if he doesn’t choose the right person to advise him on education policy.

And the decision he makes about public education in New York State might determine if he’ll ever run for president, an office his father the former Mario Cuomo declined to run, but Andrew has indicated he is more inclined to go for the top job in the nation.  Interestingly, opposing a black president if  President Barack Obama runs again. But he too might find stiff opposition because of his educational policies the havoc his Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan caused through-out public education.

This clears the path for the next President of the United States to be one more favorable to public education. So, Andrew Cuomo policy decisions in education a factor on his electability as a presidential candidate in the future.

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