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60th State Senate District update on Sen. Thompson

November 15, 2010

The Challenger newspaper reported in its latest edition on November 10th, ” A Caravan, Prayer & Rally for State Sen. Antoine Thompson with family, friends and community lining up on Sunday, 11/14 at 1:30 Pm at his downtown headquarters on Court Street heading for Niagara Falls at 3PM.

November 24th the earliest election officials said results known or next year hopefully in January sometime though Erie County Democratic Chairman Len Lenihan commented judicial intervention might be necessary for determining votes with possibly every single ballot cast recounted.

Still, the election lawyers for both sides raking in the money since arriving in town after the election at the request of the parties. So, what might decide the winner in the long run is what side has the most funds to carry out a very expensive process involving lawyers, recounting thousands of ballots, and the court room battles.

Hopefully all ending before the new year as incumbents and newly elected officials sworn into office determining what party is in control.

Mayor Byron Brown is incognito while the battle for control of the Senate wages on in the 60th State Senate District, the seat determining what party controls Albany during one of the most important periods after the U.S. Census conducted where district lines redrawn will have political repercussion for the next ten years.

And if Senator  Thompson concedes the race certainly  the loss for the African-American community tremendous, as well as, for the constituents he represented.  All of this political drama on top of downsizing referendum in this year’s election in the Erie  County Legislature another African-American seat lost in the background of  the Common Council lost in 2002 where the African-American community lost four seats.

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