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An elephant in Cuomo’s room?

December 6, 2010

Elephant in the room

“It appears the Republicans have taken back control of the chamber and will be at 32-30,” according to Capitol to night blog.  And with a Democratic governor looking like a Republican supporting the mayoral control of public schools to appease the hedge fund investors does it really matter who is in control here?

School Board Member Christopher Jacobs might land back in his old job as Secretary of State he held for only eight months during the lame duck administration of former Governor  George E. Pataki.

The Jacobs family among the top donors along with developer, Paul Ciminelli, Paul Snyder, Hyatt Regency buffalo and former Mayor Masiello from the Western New York Region. But it’s not the nearly $40,000 Masiello contributed  to help him get elected he alleges he has a close 30-year relationship with Cuomo.

And 64% of individuals donated a total of $16,247,618 as opposed to 36% from organizations donating $9,323,993 to Cuomo’s campaign chest  that still had 26.6 million at the end of October before the general election.

Yet one of Cuomo’s campaign promises, “we will be taking on very powerful special interests, which have much to lose…change systems and cultures long in the making,” may prove to be a bit challenging now that he is in the seat of power catapulted in it by those same special interest group he plans to take on.

While public education advocates troubled and concerned with the financial ties Governor Cuomo developed with the group of hedge fund managers investing in charter schools proponents of  privatizing public schools. So much so that some believe he chose his running mate Lt. Governor, Robert Duffy because of his position on mayoral control of schools and support of charter schools.

As for the Cathie Black appointment for NYC Schools Chancellor what he added to the debate was that “Mayor Michael Bloomberg should be allowed to choose whomever he wants to run the city schools,”  he said as Governor-elect in November.

Cuomo has  aspirations for the  White House he needs to carefully choose an advisor on education or he’ll have a difficult time achieving his presidential dream  as Mayor Adrian M. Fenty found out who had mayoral control of  the public schools in 2007 in Washington, DC by 2010, voters ousted him from power. And with the Cathie Black fiasco developing in NYC public schools some groups discussed  recalling of Mayor Michael Bloomberg as one of many options in addressing the crisis developing in the City under mayoral control.

So the Governor-Elect has an elephant in the room.

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