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Latinos groups call on the Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo to address their 12 bold initiatives

December 6, 2010


Rep. Nydia Velazquez and Assembly Member Feliz Ortiz with Andrew Cuomo at the Somos conference in Puerto Rico this year. Photo Credit: Ortiz Facebook photos


Although Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo flew to Puerto Rico shortly after the general election to speak at the Somos Legislative Conference this year,  a group of Latinos leaders from organizations across the State gathered to present him with ” A Latino Agenda” last month.

The Latino Society of New York, a net-working association of almost 4000 professionals and stakeholders of the Latino community with  a group of seventeen Latino organizations sent a letter to Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo and Lt. Governor-Elect Robert Duffy called A Latino Agenda prepared in November 2010 with a set of twelve  recommendations they called robust initiatives.”

“At a time in our history when New York is the most diverse, the  government that represents us is actually heading in the opposite direction; less diverse and in too many instances neglected and indifferent to the adverse impact of policies and regulations it implements.”

“Major policies and institutional changes are needed to open the door of opportunities to Hispanics.   A series of government “Hispanic friendly” policies are needed…to create the necessary conditions…to energize and economically empower the Hispanic community.”

For this to occur, it recommended that ” a robust set of strategic initiatives needs to be implemented in the highest levels of government in the Empire State.”

Citing as an example the long history of discrimination in the civil service workforce “over 4,500 Hispanic and African-American have joined a class-action lawsuit moving its way  through the federal court system challenging this situation.”  The group recommended  and “strongly urged” the twelve robust initiatives for the Latino community to the new governor-elect administration.

According to the State of Politics Blog they “are holding simultaneous press conferences in six municipalities across the state today to urge Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo and LG-elect Bob Duffy to adopt  (the) 12 recommendations designed to “allow the talent in Latino communities to participate in meaningful and important roles in the new administration.”

With the Republicans in the  majority  again as Senator Dean Skelos takes the helm  after the brief Democratic control , it has been suggested that the three men in the room to include five , adding the majority and minority leaders  that adds an African-American inside the room but no Latinos both parties chased them out along with an ant-incumbent media that seemed to have targeted Latino elected leaders the most until voters got the message and voted them out.

And some of these same elected officials are the ones the community has to plead their causes to as the Thanksgiving holiday subsided the political turkey yet to be carved where most likely Latinos to suffer the most as those in power now re-district the political boundaries to keep themselves in office for the next ten years, something Latinos no longer can wait to happen again as it suffers some of the worst repercussions of the economic slump the State has experienced that is worsening instead of improving the budget deficit to impact the most on the poorest residents.


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