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Political fall out over A Latino Agenda report Assemblyman Peter Rivera fires staff

December 6, 2010

Assemblyman Peter Rivera, transition team member

The State of Politics blog reporter  Elizabeth Benjamin conducted an interview with Guillermo Martinez, legislative director to Assemblyman Peter Rivera who was furious when he found out of his involvement in releasing a Latino Agenda with other organizations keeping him out of the loop.  His termination effective the 31 of December.

Assemblyman Rivera appointed to the Cuomo transition team earlier simply got a telephone call from the Governor-elect three days before his birthday in November to wish him a happy birthday when asked to serve on the team.

I’m just wondering what the other seventeen Latino organizations think about how Assemblyman Rivera publically handled the situation some may view as undermining the twelve initiatives they put forth to the Governor-Elect in the letter prepared in November.

How embarrassing for Mr. Guilermo and the rest of the organizations involved in preparing this report that appears to be the right  strategy at a time Cuomo putting together his administration though many wonder why if he is a legislative director to one of the few Latinos on the transition team he didn’t keep him in the loop? And why didn’t the report go first to Assemblyman Rivera to present to the Cuomo since he has access to him and a member of the transition team?

Nevertheless,  Assemblyman Rivera perhaps should have met with the group shared with them the problem he had with the report assumed a leadership role in it and pushed  “A Latino Agenda” initiatives that appeared to be beneficial  for the Latino community in New York State.

Assemblyman Peter Rivera is a former police officer and detective with a law degree from St. John’s Law School who  is one of the most senior members from the Latino community serving in the Assembly elected in 1992. He is  an early pioneer of the Assembly Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force.  He represents the Bronx County area.

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