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A letter from Monica Arias Miranda on moving forward with Latino issues

December 10, 2010

Monica M. Arias Miranda

Monica M. Arias Miranda, President & CEO of the Hispanic Coalition, NY worked on the powerful  Assembly Ways & Means Committee  and was one of  two legislative staff dismissed from positions over the controversy on the Latino Agenda Report, looking ahead she encourages Latinos to focus on other issues in the community and keep moving forward.

The Press Conferences that took place this past Monday across NYS to present the Latino Agenda were very successful.  We have shown that the Latino community in New York State is able to mobilize around issues important to all of us.  We must move forward and use the energy that has been created to continue our advocating.   Monday’s message was in no way an attack to the incoming administration nor did we think it was going to be perceived in that manner.  The message was that we look forward to working with the incoming leadership to have an open discussion about those issues that are important to the Hispanic Community. Unfortunately, the media is focusing on what took place shortly after the press conference in Albany:  two Assembly staffers who participated were fired.  I am one of those staffers; I was notified around 3:00p.m. that I was not going to be reappointed.  I do not know if my firing is related.  I can tell you that I will continue to advocate and speak on issues I believe are important to me and my community and will continue to reach out to my elected officials to work together on those issues; they are my voice in the political and legislative process. Let us focus on the positive:  Latinos across NYS mobilized to support issues of importance and we will continue to advocate on matters important to our community. Click here to read, hear and watch media reporting and read the Latino Agenda prepared by The Latino Society of NY.

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